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A web site these days is a "must have". Everybody expects a business to have one.

A web site has many advantages over most other forms of publishing: -


Instant world-wide coverage.
Single source of information.
Quick to change - e.g. add or delete a product or service.
Quick to update - e.g. if prices change.
See how many times your pages are viewed.


Let us at Right Click Designs create and publish a web site to suit you and your budget.

Your site could contain: -


Company profile / overview.
A map of your location.
Feedback forms.
Online products or services brochures.
Downloadable items e.g. software, updates or brochures.
Images of your products.
Current price list.
Distributors list.
A company email address.
Company contacts.


Web sites do not have to be complicated and therefore do not have to be expensive.

Please contact us, with no obligation, to discuss your requirements.