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Microsoft's Excel has become the standard in spread sheet software. People are using it for more than just adding cells together. For instance, it can be a lot easier than using Word for creating forms etc.

But the real power of Excel lays behind the front screen in an area uncharted by most users. Using Excel's own language it can be customised to automate many routine tasks.


Here are just some of the many
uses for Excel: -

  • Bill of Materials (BOM's)
  • Quotations
  • Estimating
  • Stock records
  • Standard calculations
  • Databases
  • Forms
  • Invoicing
  • Despatch notes
  • Order forms
Image of Excel

Question. I use Excel to create invoices. How do I get a unique invoice number each time?

Answer. Let us create an automatic process for you.

If you use Excel but feel your life could be easier, then speak to us.

Quite often you might not realise there is a solution for your daily tasks.

Please contact us, with no obligation, to discuss your requirements.